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UV damage doesn’t end when summer does

Posted Dec 12 2016  |  by DOC

During a recent ski trip to Banff, I was surprised to witness the number of people on the mountain without any type of protective eyewear. While most skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers on the mountain had the proper gear to protect their head, body, hands and feet, they fell short on protecting one of their bodies’ most valuable assets – their eyes.


Optometry in the News – July 2015

Posted Jul 31 2015  |  by DOC

With summer in full force, Doctors of Optometry around the country have been interviewed on TV, by newspapers and heard on the radio, educating Canadians on the importance of UV protection for your eyes, and proper sunglass use. Take a read…


Are all sunglasses created equal?

Posted Jun 19 2015  |  by DOC

Summer is here and for many Canadians, it’s time to pick up your favourite pair of shades and enjoy the sun. Whether you love aviators, wayfarers, round or a cat eye style, the most important thing to consider when purchasing your summer lenses…


UV damage you can’t see, but impacts your vision

Posted Jun 12 2015  |  by DOC

Summer is officially upon us and Canadians across the country are excited to get outside and enjoy the sun. While most Canucks recognize the importance of sunscreen to prevent sunburns and skin cancer, many are unaware…


Protect your peepers and your planet

Posted Apr 17 2015  |  by DOC

Earth day, celebrated every year on April 22nd, is the largest environmental event on the planet. More than six million Canadians take part by participating in an Earth Day…