Our Story: Melanie & Lindsay

Posted Oct 14 2016  |  by DOC

At five years old, Lindsay’s behavioural and literacy skills were not progressing as quickly as those of a typical five year old. She was having issues standing up on her blades during skating lessons and even had to repeat kindergarten due to speech delay and trouble with following instructions. Lindsay’s mother, Melanie, attributed these issues to the possibility of her daughter being autistic or having ADHD. However; these explanations were ruled off by a child psychologist.

The day that Lindsay’s family discovered the reason for these problems, was the day everything changed.

When seeing a doctor of optometry for their older son, Melanie told the optometrist that Lindsay had been screened through a public health program, which was part of the preschool entry process. After discovering that the screening test would not pick up every problem, they discussed Lindsay’s school struggles and agreed to have her eyes examined.

It turned out that Lindsay was very farsighted, a condition also known as hyperopia, where the length of the eyeball is too short, or the cornea has too little curvature, and more effort is required in order to see clearly. This extra effort causes eye muscles to strain to focus up close and can cause fatigue, tension, discomfort and headaches. In severe cases, such as Lindsay’s, this condition can delay developmental progress.

It wasn’t until Lindsay received her new glasses that almost immediately, her reading level improved, her skating skills skyrocketed, and her speech delay disappeared.

Melanie is so thankful that a doctor of optometry was able to diagnose Lindsay’s condition and completely change her daughter’s life for the better.

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