Q & A: What is the best treatment for dry eye?

Posted Jul 19 2013  |  by DOC

dry eye

Dr. Tanya Sitter answers:

Unfortunately there is no miracle drop for dry eye. Wandering the eye drop section of the pharmacy can be daunting with the large selection of bottles.

Each individual Doctor of Optometry has their preference as to which brand to try first. For very sensitive eyes, preservative free types can be quite helpful. However, it would be best to have an evaluation of dry eye done by a Doctor of Optometry. Often times there are underlying causes that need to be treated in order to see more prolonged relief.

Other options, that would need to be discussed with a Doctor of Optometry, may include punctual occlusion (where a portion of the tear drainage system is blocked to allow natural tears or artificial tears to remain in the eye longer) or prescription medications, either oral or eye drops depending on the underlying cause.

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