Keep a close eye on alcohol use on the long weekend

Posted Jul 29 2016  |  by DOC

Note: This article is written for Canadian residents of legal age of majority in their respective province. Any alcohol consumption of minors is illegal and not supported by DOC. Whether you’re getting ready for a long weekend, packing a cooler with your favourite beverages to sip while you bask in the sunshine, or having a […]


Protect your eyes during this popular summer activity

Posted Jul 25 2016  |  by DOC

It’s mid-summer, which means we will be spending more time in the water. If you will be participating in water sports, such as rowing, snorkeling, or even fishing it is important to be extra cautious about what goes near, or in your eyes. Pink eye – although not a serious condition, is highly contagious and more […]


See clearly and safely on your next summer hike

Posted Jul 18 2016  |  by DOC

Sunglasses should be worn for all sorts of activities. The perfect pair exists for lounging on the beach, sailing the open ocean or dirt biking up a mountain. In this post, we explore how to choose the perfect pair to sport on your summer hikes. Sunglasses for sport are designed to be light weight and […]


Take this step to keep your eyes from drying out this summer

Posted Jul 11 2016  |  by DOC

Good hydration and eye health – they’re connected! Our bodies are more than 50% water, so it should come as no surprise that dehydration can lead to vision problems and have other serious impacts on our health. If you want to maintain healthy eyes, grab a cup of water and drink it as you read this […]


SWEEPSTAKES: Relax and see better – stress and our eyes

Posted Jul 4 2016  |  by DOC

The eyes are the window to your soul, and when your soul is relaxed your eyes are too. Maintaining a healthy level of stress can be difficult during this day and age, with pressures of work and the constant presence of online and social media. These high stress levels may be taking a toll on […]