Q & A: How can you tell if you are nearsighted?

Posted Sep 26 2013  |  by DOC

The only way to determine this is to have a Doctor of Optometry examine your eyes. This is because there are actually two kinds of nearsightedness; true myopia and pseudo-myopia. Pseudo-myopia happens when the ciliary muscles (the focusing muscles inside the eye) enter a state of spasm, essentially working too hard and not relaxing. When […]


Doctors of Optometry are more than meets the eye

Posted Sep 19 2013  |  by DOC

Simply stated, a Doctor of Optometry is the primary healthcare provider for vision and eye health concerns in Canada. Doctors of Optometry have completed a Bachelor’s degree, primarily in sciences, before their Doctorate of Optometry degree, which is an additional four years of study including both classroom and clinical education. Doctors may elect to do […]


Restaurateur serves up thanks to optometrist for flagging tumour

Posted Sep 9 2013  |  by DOC

Yannick Bigourdan, owner of Toronto’s award-winning Nota Bene restaurant, now realizes the health of your eyes has a lot to do with your health in general and that if something is wrong with your vision,  it’s important to have it checked by a Doctor of Optometry immediately. Those are two lessons learned from a recently […]