Infant Vision 101 – Caring for your Family

Posted Nov 13 2013  |  by DOC

As a new mother and optometrist, I understand the important role parents play in the eye and vision development of their infant. Healthy eyes and good vision contribute to helping infants see well and prevent developmental delays. There are three steps I encourage parents to take when it comes to vision…


5 foods that are delicious AND good for eye health!

Posted Oct 31 2013  |  by DOC

They say you are what you eat and eating healthy can go a long way towards making your body healthy…including your eyes. You need to start with good daily nutrition, but by making sure you include a few key eye healthy foods, you may be able to see improvements in your eye health.


What are the signs that a child may need glasses?

Posted Oct 23 2013  |  by DOC

The development of the visual system continues into early childhood. Often eye glass prescriptions don’t stabilize until the age of about 18. Until that time, children may struggle with symptoms of blurry vision, trouble focusing or poor binocular vision, which is the ability for the two eyes to work together. Since children are still learning […]


Patient story by Dr. Dianna Leong

Posted Oct 17 2013  |  by DOC

Just before closing time one Friday, a mom brought her son in for an urgent eye exam. His older sister was playing with a badminton racket in the back seat of the family car when a sudden car movement caused the racket to bounce against the car seat then strike her younger brother’s eye.