The cost of diabetes for Canadians

Posted Nov 18 2016  |  by DOC

Diabetes currently affects more than five million people across Canada, and those who have been diagnosed understand that the chronic disease not only imposes a significant impact on their health, but their financial state as well. In a report commissioned by the Canadian Diabetes Association, the costs directly associated with diabetes can range from $1,000 […]


How eye exams can detect and help manage diabetes

Posted Nov 11 2016  |  by DOC

Over the course of the next nine years, 6.4 million Canadians will be diagnosed with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. What’s more, one third of Canadians today already have diabetes or prediabetes and many don’t know it. November is Diabetes Awareness Month and doctors of optometry are encouraging everyone to have their eyes checked. […]


The link between Diabetes and your eyes

Posted Nov 4 2016  |  by DOC

Did you know that anyone with type 1 or type 2 diabetes can develop diabetic retinopathy; this occurs when there is a weakening or swelling of the tiny blood vessels in the retina of your eye, resulting in blood leakage, the growth of new blood vessels, and other changes. According to the Canadian Diabetes Association, […]


Our Story: Ashley & Hunter

Posted Oct 28 2016  |  by DOC

As grown adults, most of us know how to recognize when something isn’t right with our bodies. Tooth ache? See a dentist. Back hurts? Visit a chiropractor. Sore throat? Call your GP. Parents should never assume that’s the case with their children though, as many of them don’t speak up when something doesn’t feel right. […]


Our Story: Robin & Morgan

Posted Oct 24 2016  |  by DOC

“We all view the world a little differently”- a saying that can hold true both literally and figuratively. What if, unbeknownst to you, your child wasn’t seeing what was literally right in front of their eyes. That was exactly the case for Morgan Coveyduck, who at eight-year-old was diagnosed with bilateral amblyopia, an eye condition […]