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Posted Apr 17 2013  |  by DOC

As Doctors of Optometry, we want to ensure Canadians have access to the latest information and education about eye health, eye care and eye wear.

We understand the importance that good vision and good health play in your life and we want you to have the information you need to make good choices when it comes to protecting both. We know that comprehensive eye exams do more than determine if you see well. They are also a vital part of your overall health, and we encourage you to visit your Doctor of Optometry regularly.

Many parents don’t know that babies should have their first eye exam between six and nine months of age. Children should have at least one eye exam between the ages of two and five, and then yearly once they enter school. Adults between the ages of 19 and 64 should have their eyes examined every two years, unless they have a vision or health condition, like diabetes that necessitate an annual eye exam. And adults over the age of 65, given the number of age-related vision conditions that are prevalent, should have their eyes examined every year.

Our new website offers a full eye health library – chock-a-block full of descriptions of a range of vision and eye health conditions, including information about prevention and treatment.

Our patient stories are compelling to watch and you might be surprised by what a comprehensive eye exam can identify – beyond whether you see well.

For visitors to our website who prefer to learn through video rather than text, Doctors of Optometry from across the country answer commonly asked questions about vision and eye health through short, video interviews. Over the coming months, we’ll be adding more of these short video interviews, so please come back to our site often.

We also recognize that health care is personal, so we’ve created our Ask A Doctor Facebook page to provide you with direct access to Doctors of Optometry across the country who are available to answer your eye health, eye care and eyewear questions. Simply “like” our Facebook page and ask any questions you have. Or like our page and watch for promotions and contests giving you a chance to win services from a Doctor of Optometry near you.

While our website offers an abundance of information, nothing replaces a visit to your Doctor of Optometry and a comprehensive eye examination. We’ve tried to make finding a Doctor near you as easy as possible, so please click Find a Doctor and make your appointment today.

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